1492 Revisited


Featuring art work from an exhibition titled “Counter Colon-ialismo,” this program offers an alternative perspective on the quincentenary celebration. Besides presenting provocative art pieces addressing various aspects of the colonial encounter, the program also raises questions about the nature of history and its construction. Included in the program are interviews with: Alurista, a Chicano poet and cultural critic; artists David Avalos and Deborah Small from San Diego and Los Angeles-based Karen Atkinson; Native American writer and activist Jan Elliot, editor of the journal Indigenous Thought; Chicano scholar and critic Victor Zamudio-Taylor; and two of the curators of the exhibition, Patricio Chavez from the Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego and Liz Lerma from MARS Artspace in Phoenix, Arizona.


National PBS broadcast, Gold Apple, National Educational Film and Video Festival; Selected as one of seven programs to compete for Best of Festival, San Antonio CineFestival; Best Documentary, Brooklyn Arts Council Festival; Chicano/Latino Film Retrospective, University of San Diego, Screened in “Will/Power: Independent Media by People of Color,” Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, Cine Accion screening for “Columbus Didn’t Discover Us,” San Francisco, Screened in “Una Historia,” part of the “Rock the Boat” series, Deep Dish T.V. Network: The First National Public Access Satellite Network

Producer/Director РPaul  Espinosa
Director/Editor – Jeffrey Betts
Music Composed by  Frederick Lanuza
A Production of KPBS-TV